Sony NEX FS-700 Top Mount Accessory Plate

Sony NEX FS-700 Top Model Accessory Plate

This top mount accessory plate allows you to mount just about anything you can think of on top of your FS-700. The plate is loaded with tapped holes in both the Berkey System standard and in RED standard spacing so that you can use any of our standard 15 mm accessories or any of our RED accessories to customize your FS-700 for your shooting style. Add handles, monitors, EVF’s, top mount iris rods and more…way more than I can think of at this late hour. Installation is super easy, just remove the factory top handle, place our plate on top and fasten with the three provided fasteners and replace the factory handle and you’re done. No need to remove the factory cold shoe or the lens hook. Sold with all needed fasteners and a lens hook. Price is $225.00.



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