Trolling for Stop Motion Animation parts?

Laika’s new feature Boxtrolls features hand-made stop motion animation. Using the Berkey System 250 series all the way up to the 750 series you can build and rig anything your mind can come up with. Can you find the Berkey System parts in the video below?


Upgrade to Berkey System

Simon Cade of DSLRGuide shows you how to upgrade your rig. Berkey System parts can help build the rig of your dreams. See video below and thanks to DSLRGuide for the shout out.


American Cinematographer April 2014 issue.

April 2014 issue of American Cinematographer, in the article “5 Park City Standouts” Director Thomas Balmes mentions Berkey System LLC. “A Sony F3 Top Mount Accessory Cheese Plate from Berkey System enabled us to attach an adjustable handgrip to work at the right height” Congrats to Thomas Balmes for his film Happiness.


It All Comes Down To Rigging.

Animator, Special Fx, and Rigger Jerry Svoboda shows how rigging is so important to the world of film and television. Jerry Svoboda uses Berkey System LLC and his works can be seen on many of the stop motion films you see today.


Berkey System can be used to build props.

Not only can Berkey System Products help with your rigging, but you can use Berkey System parts to create props. Seen at 14 seconds in this commercial you can see the kid wearing head gear made from components of Berkey System 500 series line.

Special FX? Berkey System has you covered.

Special FX guys and gals keep an eye out for Berkey System on the set. Douglas Trumbull shows off his new technology using Berkey System to help guide and support the mechanical aspect of the rigging. Pretty amazing stuff:

Imba Means Sing: Berkey Means Rigs

Jason Maris and Danielle Bernstein project “Imba Means Sing” is an independent documentary feature film through the eyes of the African Children’s Choir. Here are some more photos behind the scenes and a link to their film.




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Sony F5/F55 Accessories

CIMG9721Berkey System offers a complete line of products designed specifically for the Sony PMW-F5/F55 . These include baseplates, shoulder pad mounts, cheeseplates and more. Check them out here.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Components

CIMG5123_2Have a look at our gear for the
Blackmagic Cinema Camera here.

New Nato Rail Products


We now have a wide selection of NATO rail based products. Create all kinds of quick release applications. Go here to see them all.