Featherweight Animation Armatures

Featherweights are made of Nylon mixed with Carbon Fiber for an extremely light, but strong product. They are built around the Berkey System blocks and rods for rigging (series 250, 375, 500, 750, and 15mm). Stainless steel nuts are pre-embedded where necessary, using 4-40 screws to keep the pieces small, and 6-32 mounts for rigging to floor, blocks, rods, etc.

Armatures: All limb joints can be cut to custom sizes to fit the needs. Hands, feet and paws have holes for quick fingers and toes. Heads use a quick change clamp. All joints can be quickly repaired, or resized. Wires are 1mm (fingers, toes, misc) 1.5mm (arms, small animal legs) and 2mm (legs, large animal legs, heads) ensuring best flex at each point. Head kits, wing kits, eye kits and mount kits are available separately. Click Here to see all the FeatherWeight Armatures.