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Berkey System can be used to build props.

Not only can Berkey System Products help with your rigging, but you can use Berkey System parts to create props. Seen at 14 seconds in this commercial you can see the kid wearing head gear made from components of Berkey System 500 series line.

Special FX? Berkey System has you covered.

Special FX guys and gals keep an eye out for Berkey System on the set. Douglas Trumbull shows off his new technology using Berkey System to help guide and support the mechanical aspect of the rigging. Pretty amazing stuff:

Imba Means Sing: Berkey Means Rigs

Jason Maris and Danielle Bernstein project “Imba Means Sing” is an independent documentary feature film through the eyes of the African Children’s Choir. Here are some more photos behind the scenes and a link to their film.




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